“My name is Renata Swain and I have been a licensed Esthetician and skin care specialist for over 15 years.”

I own and operate “Renata’s Face & Body Skin Care” in Sarasota, FL specializing in corrective skin treatments and formulating natural products that nourish, protect and help to heal problematic skin. These products have been tested by hundreds of my own clients over the years and proven to be very effective.

Let It Glow was created from a need for a lotion that would keep body skin hydrated long after application.

The Birth of Let it Glow Body Lotion

During my first pregnancy in 1996 I started researching ingredients that would maintain high moisture levels while protecting skin from collagen breakdown often caused by rapid weight gain.

I found several ingredients are very effective in healing, protecting and hydrating skin but could not find a body lotion that contained all of them.

I also wanted a product that had a soothing, mild and natural scent, without harmful preservatives.

Since there was no such product on the market I decided to create one myself and “Let It Glow Body Lotion” was born!