Key Ingredients

Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a medium chain fatty acid. It has relatively small molecules that allow it to penetrate the skin. Coconut oil is rich in fatty acids such as capric acid, caprylic acid and lauric acid. The fatty acids have disinfectant and anti-microbial properties, it is high in vitamin E, which is known for its skin healing properties. The triglycerides in coconut oil help to keep moisture from escaping from the skin, which aids in retaining softness and suppleness. Coconut oil has been found to have sun-protective properties, it offers moderate sun protection and is soothing to the skin after too much sun. Coconut oil’s high antioxidant levels slow the harmful effects of free radicals in the body. This prevents the damaging actions that lead to signs of aging helping it to stay young, supple and strong.

Sweet Almond Oil

Sweet almond oil contains beneficial fatty acids, vitamins A, E and several of the B vitamins. With rich emollient properties and ease of absorption, sweet almond oil makes a good all-purpose moisturizer for the body. It is of particular benefit for dry, chapped skin. The March 2007 issue of the “Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology” reports a study that states that applying almond oil to the skin will not only protect it but can also reverse damage that may have already occurred. Along with protecting the skin from sun damage and signs of aging, using almond oil as a skin moisturizer will soften and smooth the skin. Skin irritation, such as itching and swelling, can also be reduced with almond oil.

Cold Pressed Castor Oil

Castor Oil is extracted from castor seeds (Ricinus Communis). It is an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant oil which has been used for centuries for its therapeutic and medicinal benefits. It is believed that most of castor oil’s benefits are derived from its high concentration of unsaturated fatty acids. Castor oil is a natural emollient that penetrates the skin and helps stimulate the production of collagen and elastin which can soften and hydrate the skin. Therefore, it is a wonderful natural anti-aging treatment since it restores and rejuvenates skin’s natural youthful appearance by making skin smoother, softer and pliant.

Cold Pressed Peanut Oil

Peanut Oil is an emollient plant oil best known for its incredible skin-softening and antioxidant properties. In fact, it’s considered an ideal moisturizing agent for dry and/or mature skin types. Anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties help calm skin – especially skin is experiencing discomfort, tightness, or itchiness in extremely drying conditions. Peanut Oil can help relieve skin of minor irritations while reducing redness. Antioxidant powers found in its Vitamin E content help fight aging free radicals. As a rich emollient, Peanut Oil is able to help condition and moisturize for skin that looks and feels softer, smoother, and more radiant. Occlusive properties enable it to act as an outermost barrier that locks in natural moisture while protecting skin against external factors like harsh weather or drying indoor heat.

Cold Pressed Olive Oil

Olive oil contains three major antioxidants: vitamin E, polyphenols, and phytosterols. Antioxidants, when topically applied, may help protect the skin from premature skin aging. Vitamin E partly accounts for the anti-aging benefits of olive oil because it helps restore skin smoothness and protects against ultraviolet light. Hydroxytyrosol, a rather rare compound found in olive oil, also prevents free radical damage to the skin.

Lanolin Oil

Lanolin is extracted from shorn wool, which means that it is a natural, biodegradable substance, as well as a renewable resource. No animals are killed to reap its benefits. Lanolin offers the benefit of bi-directional water transportation. This means that it not only attracts moisture, it is also capable of redistributing it to environments of low relative humidity. Applied topically, lanolin penetrates the skin, where it both hydrates and prevents moisture loss. By correcting the skin’s moisture balance, lanolin helps to create smoother, softer skin. Lanolin falls into the lipid-rich emollient class of moisturizers. One of the causes of dry skin is a lack of lipids, which allows water to escape. Lanolin fills in those gaps, preventing future water escape.

Wheat Germ Oil

Wheat-germ oil is derived from wheat germ, which is considered the “heart” of wheat since it’s found at the center of the wheat berry. Wheat-germ oil is readily absorbed by your skin, which makes it an effective moisturizer and an appropriate topical treatment. When applied to your skin, wheat-germ oil delivers a healthy infusion of vitamin A, vitamin D, B vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids. These nutrients not only moisturize and heal dry or cracked skin, they also help prevent scarring. In particular, wheat-germ oil is a rich source of vitamin E, which helps reduce skin damage, fight free radicals, support healthy collagen formation and maintain even skin tone.

Aloe Leaf Juice

Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice is extracted from the leaves of the plant Aloe. Aloe Vera can soothe skin and serve as an anti-inflammatory. It can be efficiently used topically, because of its burn healing effects, scar reducing and wounds healing properties. Aloe protects the skin from UV damage. The herb contains aloin, which can block up to 30 percent of the ultraviolet rays when applied to the skin’s surface.This plant contains an impressive number of vitamins, including A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, C, E, Choline and Folic Acid. These vitamins are great for protecting the skin from free radicals, dangerous compounds that cause signs of premature aging due to damaging effects on the DNA and other cell structures. Scientists have shown that skin can absorb the key ingredients of Aloe up to 7 layers deep. Thanks to this capacity, Aloe effectively stimulates proteolytic enzyme action in skin tissue, stimulating fibroblast cells that manufacture collagen. The herb can be an effective humectant, increasing water retention in the skin making it a great moisturizer.

Other Ingredients

Water • Safflower Seed Oil • Glycerin • Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride • Cetearyl Alcohol • Sunflower Seed Oil • Cetearyl Glucoside • Glyceryl Stearate SE • Sesame Seed Oil • Sorbitan Stearate • Xanthan Gum • Shea Butter • Apricot Kernel Oil • Soybean Oil • Sodium Hyaluronate • Vitamin E • Avocado Oil • Cucumber Extract • Ivy Extract • Jojoba Seed Oil • Lavender Extract • Pansy Extract • Myrrh Resin Extract • Panthenol • Ascorbyl Palminate • Allantoin • Cetyl Alcohol • Maltodextrin • Potassium Sorbate • Glyceryl Undecylenate • Citric Acid • Phenoxyethanol • Natural Fragrance