hy do I need to apply a moisturizer to my skin every day?

That’s a good question.

Our bodies are equipped with cells that hydrate and glands that lubricate our skin. If the conditions are right, everything functions as it should.

In a “perfect world” the environment is well balanced. The air we breathe is of the best quality. There are no harsh temperatures and just the right amount of moisture. The water we drink and use to wash our skin is pure and clean, the foods we eat are all fresh and rich in nutrients, free of any harmful ingredients. The fabrics we wear are all organic and washed with pure and natural cleansing soaps. All products that come in contact with our skin are of pure and natural sources and we do not take any medications or substances that might affect cellular health. We get plenty of sleep, rest and exercise, and keep stress to a minimum. Sounds lovely right?

The problem is we don’t live in a “perfect world”. Internal and external factors put our skin in constant attack and the best way to protect it and help to create adequate conditions for self-repair is to apply nourishing, conditioning ingredients to your skin daily.

Let It Glow‘s unique formula carries all essential skin protecting and repairing ingredients in a pleasantly scented lotion. When used after the shower or bath it provides all the hydration skin needs to maintain moisture levels for 24 hours and the benefits will keep improving your skin with long term use.

It takes about a minute to apply Let It Glow to your skin after each shower, but the feel of soft skin will be long lasting!