Not Just Another Body Lotion. Here’s Why:

Let It Glow was created with the demands of chronic dry skin in mind. Most products evaporate from skin and lose their moisturizing abilities within a few hours after application. The perfect blend of nourishing cold-pressed oils in an all-natural Aloe and Cucumber Extract base seal in moisture and keep skin soft and hydrated longer than any other lotion on the market.

Let It Glow softens, heals and provides hydrating antioxidant benefits to all types of skin in women, men and children. Once you experience the feel of healthy, glowing skin you will never want to be without Let It Glow.

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The best 5 all natural, cold pressed, plant based oils for skin care

Relieves skin dryness and locks in moisture for 24 hours

Healing Aloe and Soothing Cucumber combined for our lotion’s base

Soft skin that looks and feels smoother than ever before!

Made with love in Sarasota FL since 1996

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Raving Reviews

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“When it comes to skin, Renata just gets it. Her Let It Glow body lotion has developed a cult following and her new face balm is flying off the shelves just as quickly. This balm is so divine you’ll swear she’s sourcing the stuff from the big guy in the sky. This heavenly potion is out of this world.”—Edible Sarasota

I absolutely love Let it Glow lotion! I live in Wisconsin and our winters can be quite harsh on the skin. I use Let it Glow lotion every night and I have not had any issues with dry skin this winter. Truly a lifesaving product!
I also love that the ingredients are natural and safe.
Michelle Johnson, Rice Lake, WI
I was introduced to Let It Glow Product Line about 7 years ago. I started using the Let It Glow Body Lotion and Face Balm. I love the way my skin looks and feels. Prior to using Let It Glow, I’ve spent a great deal of time and money trying high-end products. I’ve always had dry skin, especially after shaving and the more I experimented with different products the more it became irritated. I highly recommend this line for BOTH men and women and ESPECIALLY for anyone who has sensitive and/or troubled skin.
Anthony Quirke, Sarasota, FL
I have no stretch marks from any of my pregnancies and I truly owe to Renata’s Let It Glow Lotion. I really enjoyed using it throughout and in between my pregnancies. It is a light, great smelling, highly hydrating, and fluffy lotion unlike any on the market that I have ever used before.
Maria DeBarros, Sarasota, FL
I lived in Florida for 30 years of my life before moving to Michigan. It has always been important to keep my skin hydrated and nourished while living under the harsh effects of the sun and saltwater. That is why I started using Let It Glow Body Lotion and Face Balm by Renata’s Face and Body. I moved to Michigan which has extremely harsh Arctic-like temperatures that can severely damage and strip the skin of key nutrients and moisture. It is more important now than ever before to make sure I am using the best products available to maintain the health of my skin to keep it healthy, youthful, and glowing. I get compliments almost daily about how beautiful and young my skin looks. That is why the only products I will use is Let it Glow for my entire body every day and face balm every night before bed. An additional bonus is how great the products smell and that they are all natural!
Ramona Ladd, Sparta, MI

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